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May Theme – Energy in Motion: Do You Know Where You’re Heading?

Facing Anger with an Open Heart! – Rev. Robert Brzezinski

Sunday, May 22, 2022 10:00 am MDT – Online Service

Please join CSL Denver this Sunday, May 22, as our good friend, Rev. Robert Brzezinski shares his thoughts on Facing Anger with an Open Heart.

We all get angry at something.  It’s good to know how to diffuse anger and a volatile situation for a peaceful outcome.  We can help calm the turbulence in a metaphorical anger storm by focusing on the “eye” of the storm, where there is peace and calm.  By consciously cooling things down in a heated situation, the best resolution for all can be attained.

Anger causes us to be reactive rather than proactive.  Calming anger takes focus and willingness to shift in a different and more productive direction.

Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.  ― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Join us online via Facebook Live or our YouTube Channel.

Ray Davis, our guest musician for the month of May

Ray Davis is a singer/songwriter on a mission: to personally introduce the world to High-Vibe music and arts.  High-Vibe, according to Ray, “celebrates the best and highest ideas about life, humanity, and each individual’s unique opportunity to contribute something good to the world.”

Ray’s music moves fluidly through funk, soul, jazz, gospel, and pop, without losing connection to its life-affirming, positive spiritual message.  His beautiful, soulful voice delivers well-crafted, hook-driven songs that speak to the best in all of us.  Originally from Compton, CA, Ray has been sharing his High-Vibe music with audiences in clubs and spiritual centers throughout Southern California for the past 14 years.

You can find Ray’s music on iTunes.  You can search for “The Soundtrack by Ray Davis, Act I” or “Live from Kula.”  You can also find him on Facebook at Ray Davis.

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