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December Theme – Living as Wholeness!

Recognizing Wholeness: Seeing the Good in All! – Rev. Mark Gilbert

December 10, 2023, 10:00 a.m. MST – In-person and Online Service

Please join CSL Denver this Sunday, December 10, as our good friend, Rev. Mark Gilbert shares his thoughts on “Recognizing Wholeness; Seeing the Good in All.”

We are each a field of intelligence in which we see the Universe and every point of life in it as an unbroken wholeness.  All individuals and every relationship, as well as all events, are interconnected, mutually interdependent, and a pattern of perfection.  We are all a luminous mystery in which the entire Universe rises, falls, and rests.

Our lives, regardless of conditions, are one with the Divine and with each other.  There can be no separation, for we are all created from the same spiritual essence.

Imagine that each of us is a spoke in an Infinite Wheel, and, though each spoke is essential in keeping the Wheel whole, no two spokes are the same. The rim of that Wheel is our living sense of community, family, and relationship, but the common hub where all the spokes join is the one center where all souls meet. – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

There are two parking lots just south of the building, separated by an apartment building.  Look for signs that say “Grant Avenue Community Center Parking.”  Enter the building on the south side.

Join us online via Facebook Live or our YouTube Channel.

New Book Available

Ernest Holmes at Asilomar; Lectures and Classes from the 1950’s, compiled by Rev. Mark Gilbert for the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation

For the Religious Science connoisseur, here is a collection of lectures and classes at Asilomar in the 1950’s presented by Dr. Ernest Holmes during the final decade of his life. For the long-time spiritual seeker and one familiar with the basics of Science of Mind, these talks will reinforce and broaden your understanding, taking you deeper into the philosophy. Be prepared to be challenged.

Available as an e-book ($9.99) or paperback ($24.95) at and

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