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The Center for Spiritual Living Denver is a growing community-based Center led by our Senior Minister, Rev. Elzia Sekou, our Licensed Practitioner Core and an active Board of Trustees.

CSL Denver is an intimate group of spiritual seekers that meets in the heart of the Historic Grant Avenue neighborhood.  We honor people from all walks of life and embrace all Spiritual paths. Whatever your lifestyle or journey, our spiritual communities are ready to embrace, love, and accept you as you are. We are a diverse group that honors all paths to God where everyone is welcome. We look forward to getting to know you. The Center for Spiritual Living Denver is a community of joyful loving people who gather often to share in each other’s spiritual well-being.

To Our Beloved CSL Denver Community,

Starting January 1, 2023, we are so excited to announce that after 2-1/2 years of meeting online, in addition to losing our previous location, we will be meeting every Sunday at our new home, The Historic Grant Avenue building.  We will meet in-person at 10:00 a.m. MT every Sunday, as well as recording the services  on Facebook Live and our YouTube Channel.  You can watch in-person, real-time online or recording any time.

The new location is the Historic Grant Avenue building, 216 South Grant Street, Denver, CO 80209.  There is a parking lot on the south of the building along with the entrance and street parking.

Thank you ALL so much for your loving support, financial and otherwise. 

We look forward to seeing everyone in-person every Sunday starting in January 2023.

Welcome Home!

Rev. Elzia and the CSL Denver Practitioners

October Theme – Playing With Paradox!

October 8, 2023, 10:00 a.m. MDT – In-person and Online Service

Getting Comfortable With Discomfort – Rev. Elzia Sekou

Please join CSL Denver this Sunday, October 8, as Rev. Elzia shares his thoughts on “Getting Comfortable With Discomfort.”

Ernest Holmes was very clear that we are Spiritual beings living a human experience.  Yet so often we get caught up seeing from only one perspective that we miss what that means.  If we are so focused on Oneness and the big picture that we miss opportunities to reach out and love and support one another, then we are not embracing the totality of our humanity.  And if we get so caught up in the suffering and challenges of living in the world that we forget our Divinity, then we are missing out on the joy of being Infinite and Eternal. 

Science of Mind asks that we embrace this polarity of Humanity and Divinity and find a Third Way to navigate our lives.

In these challenging moments of dissonance, we need to stay curious and resist choosing comfort over courage. It’s brave to invite new information to the table, to sit with it and hear it out. It’s also rare these days.  – Brené Brown, Atlas of the Heart 

Divine Dialogue

Sunday, October 15, 2023
After service until 12:00 noon

On Sunday, October 15, please join Rev. Elzia and the practitioners for a “Divine Dialogue.”  We will have some coffee/tea and fellowship, and meet to discuss whatever’s on your mind regarding either Rev. Elzia’s talk or anything spiritual.


Four Wednesdays, Oct. 4, Oct. 11, Oct. 18, (skip a week), and Nov. 1, 2023
6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Historic Grant Avenue Building
216 S. Grant Street, Denver, CO
Minimum 10 participants; Maximum 20 participants
$50.00 per person; cash or checks accepted
Instructor:  Rev. Elzia Sekou
In-Person Only

This class explores the journey of spiritual development and introduces mysticism as a personal commitment to spiritual growth through direct experience of the Infinite Reality.  Participants develop a deeper understanding of the Unity inherent in religious ideals and universal principles.

Please send an email to to sign up for the class.

New Book Available

New Book is available: Ernest Holmes at Asilomar; Lectures and Classes from the 1950’s, compiled by Rev. Mark Gilbert for the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation.

For the Religious Science connoisseur, here is a collection of lectures and classes at Asilomar in the 1950’s presented by Dr. Ernest Holmes during the
final decade of his life. For the long-time spiritual seeker and one familiar with the basics of Science of Mind, these talks will reinforce and broaden your understanding, taking you deeper into the philosophy. Be prepared to be challenged.

Available as an e-book ($9.99) or paperback ($24.95) at and

Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

We are too! We are a diverse group of spiritual seekers in Denver’s inner city. We believe in spirituality not religion, and we know that each person is an individual expression of the divine.

We honor all paths to God and everyone is welcome whatever their religious tradition. We’d love to welcome you to the Center for Spiritual Living Denver.

We believe that every person finds their own way to their own idea of what “God” means for them—call it Love, Universal Mind, God, Spirit, Yahweh, or Mother Father God. Whatever we choose to name It we know that It is expressing Itself as you and me, and we know it lives and thrives within each of us.

Inspiring Sunday Services

With a dynamic message, inspiring music, and deep prayer our 10:00 a.m. Sunday celebration will open your mind, fill your heart, and feed your soul. Sunday mornings at the Center for Spiritual Living Denver are designed to be a weekly sanctuary for your busy life. Our messages provide a clear roadmap for this journey called life by illuminating spiritual principles and teaching practical tools for everyday living.

A Joyful Loving Community

The Center for Spiritual Living Denver is a community of joyful loving people who gather often to share in each other’s spiritual well-being. In addition to the Sunday service we have many groups and activities. The Sunday Soul Salon meets on the first Sunday of the month for a free-wheeling conversation on anything spiritual. Our Self-Care group focuses on learning to love ourselves. Men’s and Women’s Ministries offer monthly get-togethers. We host concerts and workshops regularly, and, of course, there are potlucks and pancakes galore.

Prayer Is the Heart of Who We Are

We know that we connect to the very spirit of God Itself when we pray. In truth, we believe that life itself is an unceasing prayer—an intimate personal connection with Spirit. We pray during our services and we offer one-on-one prayer connections with trained spiritual practitioners immediately after.

Your tax deductible donation is a blessing that will magnify and multiply for you and for the Center for Spiritual Living Denver. Thank you!

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Our Vision

We joyfully and lovingly express the power of wholeness!

Center for Spiritual Living Denver

Sunday Celebration Service
10:00 AM Service Every Sunday
You Are Welcome Here.

Historic Grant Avenue Building
216 South Grant Street
Denver, Co 80209
(No mail to this address, please)

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 300416
Denver, CO 80203

Tel: 720-295-0112


Senior Minister:  Rev. Elzia Sekou

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are available for prayer directly after the service.

Join us for coffee, snacks, and fellowship after the service!

Free Parking

Free Parking is available in the parking lot and on the street.


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We honor people from all walks of life and embrace all Spiritual paths. Whatever your lifestyle or journey, our spiritual communities are ready to embrace, love and accept you as you are.