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June, 2019 – Sailing Away on Summer

Clean Up the House

Sunday, June 2

During June we prepare ourselves to enjoy summer to the fullest with our series called Sailing Away on Summer. This Sunday we Clean Up the House. Let’s wash the windows to let a little light in to the dark places. Why not clean out all the old illusions we have of ourselves being separate from Spirit? And while we’re at it let’s rearrange our thinking to focus on the joy of the moment!

Pack the Car

Sunday, June 9

What do we need to carry within our heart to get the most out of the adventure of life? Shall we pack some compassion? A little fun? I hope we remember that Spirit is our personal Uber driver! Also, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day today; yes, a week early.

A Circle Celebration of Human Connection

Sunday, June 16

Guided by the Center’s spiritual practitioners, this circle of celebration will include songs, readings, and conversation to celebrate all the people we know. All of them, in all their diversity of skin tone and orientation and political and religious beliefs. All of them. We will each be encouraged to share our most honored living connections.

Summer Potluck

Sunday, June 16

Bring your favorite Summer recipe!

Gone Fishin’

Sunday, June 23

Whether we go fishing to get away or take a spa day to get away from the grind, taking care of ourselves—our deepest selves and our bodily selves—is God’s good work.

Welcome Home

Sunday, June 30

Each of us has had profound and life-altering experiences on our adventure of life. What have we learned that we can bring back and share with others? What do we bring when we arrive back home?

I am thrilled to enjoy every one of Summer’s adventures


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Sailing Away on Summer

  • June 2: Clean Up the House
  • June 9: Pack the Car
  • June 16: A Circle Celebration of Human Connection / Summer Potluck
  • June 23: Gone Fishin’
  • June 30: Welcome Home

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