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Affirmative Prayer

Our Spiritual Counselors are dedicated individuals trained in the art and skill of Affirmative Prayer to support you in your spiritual growth and to help you with any challenges you or your loved ones may be facing.

Each Spiritual Counselor has years of professional training, is licensed, and has demonstrated success in Affirmative Prayer.  Practitioners are committed to unconditionally supporting you in prayer.  Everyone is welcome to use our service!

You can meet with a Spiritual Counselor after Sunday service for a "Ten-Minute Miracle" or you can arrange  an in-person or phone appointment in advance. Please contact any of the Center for Spiritual Living Denver Spiritual Counselors directly or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Rest assured that your request and your personal information will be kept entirely confidential.  When you talk with a Practitioner, you may discuss your needs and issues, then the Spiritual Counselor  will say an Affirmative Prayer on your behalf. Through this loving service, you are supported to make a shift in consciousness and take a step toward resolution.

Melissa Baldridge (303) 394-0808 x101
Teresa Cardenas, R.Sc.P. (720) 341-3879
Rumi Engineer, R.Sc.P. (303) 912-8008
Tim Fitzgerald, R.Sc.P. (303) 322-4848
Alice Nutter, R.Sc.P. (303) 981-4691
Giselle Pellikan, R.Sc.P. (720) 775-5866